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PREDICTIONS 2014 by Betsey
Humans have the gift of free will. Predictions and prophecies made through the centuries by psychics, seers and the prophets aren't always accurate. Time lines can be changed and altered through visualization, prayers and by  mass consciousness. Time is fluid and prime events can change other events if we use our free will and manifest and New World through pure thought energy. What I predict is what I sense or have been shown in dreams or impressions at the moment.  All is not doom and gloom if we change our vibrational frequency and believe in ourselves that we have the power to create new world.
  Destiny doesn't control us...we control destiny! 

2014 is a 7 year in numerology which represents purification, the divine, revolution, investigation, detection, discovery and the mystical.
Posted Dec. 2013/Jan. 2014

2014 will be a year where people learn to value their lives instead of their material things. Survival, heroes, and forgiveness will be key words for this year.
Red denotes predictions that have proven correct so far this year.

Protests: civil unrest and protests will break out in major cities worldwide in spring, including the U.S., Russia and China this spring and summer. Again in the Mideast and Egypt. Military and police will become aggressive and then violence erupts Blood will be spilled. People especially the youth of the world are tired of unemployment and low wages, and the tyrannical governments. Civil war in the Sudan. Jan. 2014 - Russia is currently experiencing huge protests and violent clashes with police, Egypt is in chaos again, and bloody protests in the Ukraine 2/2014, and the Sudan has erupted in more violence which may lead to civil war. Protests in the Ukraine and Venezuela. April--Rancher takes on Feds over cattle grazing rights in Nevada. Russian troops are invading the Ukraine. August 17-19, 2014 - riots are taking place in Ferguson, MO after a young black man was shot several times for resisting arrest.
UFOs seen over major city: As of August 7, 2014, I'm sensing a formation of UFO that will be seen over a major U.S. city before the end of 2014.  UFO's are being seen everywhere, a huge spike in sightings began August and continue in September. Many of these sightings have been red and orange orbs.
Robin William's Death: Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014, and some believe there was a conspiracy at work, but I don't. There is more to Robin's death that will be revealed. Men usually don't commit suicide by hanging--they usually use a gun, and women prefer pills. It had been revealed that he was drinking again which might have set several things in motion that night, including a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease.
Major Earth Changes: Earthquakes will be felt in places not usually associated with earthquakes as our planet wobbles and is stretched along major faults. The earthquakes, sinkholes, and other anomalies will continue to escalate as we move into 2015. The major powers of the world know our earth could shift at any time, and have been preparing for this event for several years. Extreme weather will continue worldwide--drought, flash floods, huge waves, volcanic activity, hurricanes, tornadoes, fierce winds. No place will be untouched.  
Malaysia Flight 370, a Boeing 777: The disappearance of Flight 370 will go down in history as one the greatest aviation mysteries of our time. Note: Flight 370 vanished on March 7, 2014, and this year is the Power of 7 (2+0+1+4). Last year was the power of 13 for the Illuminati (Pope Francis was elected on March 13, 2013, which also equals 13, and this year the Illuminati will use the Power of 7.  P.S. March 7 just happens to be my birthday. I know it did not crash in the ocean. Is it possible it will reappear in some desert area like the movie Close Encounters of a Third Kind?
Mideast: The Mideast is a powder keg ready to explode. Israel could be attacked and could plunge the world into World War III. This is a probable future and humans have the power to create a new reality. Dire events in Syria. July 8, 2014 - Israel and Palestine fire rockets at each other. Read more.
Droughts and Water Wars: Many parts of the world and western United States will continue in a dangerous drought. Water will be scarce for many parts of the world and there will be horrible wildfires, bigger than last year. If you live near wooded areas or heavy brush area, please clear the area. Meanwhile some countries including the Eastern and Southern U.S. will experience horrible floods. In the coming years wars will be fought over water, pure water, which is now vanishing at an alarming rate. California is now experiencing one of the worst droughts as water rationing takes place, and huge flooding in England.
Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton: Now that the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, is embroiled in a huge bridge scandal he denies having orchestrated, it will still hurt his run for presidency in 2016 even if he's found innocent. Hillary Clinton will also be involved in another scandal bigger than Benghazi. She will not be elected President in 2016. Look for Jeb Bush to throw his hat into the presidential ring and Governor Brown of California.
Deadly Flu and cold season: already we are seeing a strange flu bug that could mutate into a deadly virus. Jan. 3, 2014 - reports are increasing nationwide of people sickened by the H1N1 influenza and already a large number of deaths have been reported in the U.S. and Canada. July 31, 2014 - South Africa: Ebola is in the news, with 700 dead, and health officials are worried it will become a world pandemic. This might be the deadly virus I predicted.I am also sensing Ebola was set on South Africa by elite planners. We will see millions die from Ebola in 2015, and I pray it stops in Africa, but I don't think it will. Read more. 
UFOs: a mass UFO sighting in the near future over a major U.S. city will have everyone abuzz. I will discuss this on future interviews.Red and orange fireballs/orbs will be seen everywhere this year. ETs are making themselves known and watching events as they unfold on our planet, especially earth changes. Massive red and orange orbs continue in the news. See UFO reports.
Gunmen: I hate to predict this but I see continued shootings in public places. People who are mentally ill--and young men who want to become famous. We'll continue to see these people take innocent lives with military-style guns that can be easily purchased anywhere. I believe that when these people watch  t television shows of violence and death over and over they become desensitized by death.This continues to be in the news in Pennsylvania, a student knifed other school children April 2013, On April 2, 2014 Fort Hood shooter killed 3, and wounder 16.
Baby Boomers: It's going to get harder and harder for seniors to survive on their savings and social security. Also younger people will struggle this year to survive and cover bills as unemployment insurance ends for millions thanks again to Congress. I don't see the unemployment benefits being renewed for these people.    
Worldwide Produce: with the global frigid temperatures this 2013-2014 winter we will see sky-rocking produce prices and meat prices. The summer drought, wildfires and monsoonal rains will destroy more crops.
Cyber Hacking and Identity Theft: after Target was hacked and now 40 million people maybe at risk to have their credit and debit card information stolen,many people will start paying with cash and checks. More and more large companies are going to be hacked. The new threat is the Heartbleed virus was created by the NSA. Read article.
Fish and Sea Creature Deaths continue in 2014: I see more sea creatures dying en masse especially in the Pacific. Starfish have been melting off the West coast this year (radiation from Fukushima?) and sardines vanish from the West coast. Sardines have vanished in the PacificRead article. 
Major Archaeological Discoveries: I see a several discoveries made off the Bimini Coast, Africa near Egypt and in the Yucatan of South America.
Planet X: Increased sightings of another planetary body in our solar system. People will begin to see it near the sun at as the sun is setting. NASA has altered many photographs to prevent us from knowing the truth of Planet X, a brown-dwarf, that entered our solar system several years ago.
Geoengineering: Our weather is now controlled by certain governments worldwide. Hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy were manipulated to create mega storms. Chemtrails in our skies are also alter our weather and in blocking the sun, cancer has increased. We are not getting the Vitamin D from the sun needed for our bodies. This is especially true in children were cancer of every kind are taking children's lives.
The Awakening: as our leaders continue to control and deceive us and the earth changes accelerate, more and more people will awaken and realize our power lies in prayer and thought....not in violence. When two or more gather in prayer and thought manifestation or superconsciousness. This movement could begin to sweep the planet and change time lines. This will frighten the Family of Dark and they will pull resort to more of their tricks for ultimate control over humanity. Remember during these times that Light is the force, the love and the power.
Celebrity Deaths: Watch for the sudden death of a former president and a former president's wife will be in the news as well as the deaths of two top celebrities, and one famous singer, and a suicide. A plane crash could be involved with the singer. Also, a young teen idol is in danger of dying from a car crash or drug overdose. This will be a sad year for beloved celebrities leaving us. On 2/2/14 sadly, Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died from a drug overdose. Shirley Temple Black and Mickey Rooney passed this year. Actor Robin Williams took his own life on August 11, 2014 and comedian Joan Rivers died on September 4m 2014. I'm still sensing that another comedian will die before the end of the year. 
North Korea: The young and very impetuous leader Kim Jong-un is capable of anything and wants to show the world how powerful he really is. We could see a missile fired at South Korea if this loose cannon  dictator isn't stopped. Dec. 2013 it was reported he murdered his own uncle. China and other countries are worried about his next move. Read article April 1, 2014 and tensions heat up.
Fukushima, Japan: This is a bad situation that will get worse in the coming months as strong earthquakes shake the area.  Although there is a cover-up by the U.S. and Japan on continued release of radiation, we will continue to see more sea creatures dying from radiation throughout the Pacific Ocean and the U.S. West Coast. Your prayers are needed now. I foresee huge earthquakes in Japan and eventually a portion of Japan will be inundated by water.   
China and Japan: we could see some kind of altercation between China and Japan which could lead to missiles launched.
Salt Lake City Earthquake: Utah's biggest earthquake fault runs east of Salt Lake City, at the base of the steep Wasatch Mountains. About 75 percent of the state's population lives near the 240-mile-long (385 kilometers) Wasatch Fault, according to the Utah Geological Survey. Its last big earthquake hit in 1600, 247 years before Mormon settlers arrived. If both fault zones ruptured during an earthquake, it would mean more shaking for Salt Lake City, which sits atop soft lake sediments, the kind that experience liquefaction during severe earthquakes. I'm sensing a large earthquake in Salt Lake City in the coming months. 
Bitcoin: I've had people contact me about investing in the Bitcoin. Bad investment. The end of Feb. 2014 Mt. Gox exchanged collapsed. Bitcoins are virtual currency, and like gold and corn, prices vary daily. There's no physical stuff backed by anyone or anything. You might as well buy air! No financial institution is involved, like banks, and payments are made directly, without intermediaries such as Paypal. However, thousands of companies now accept bitcoins. You'd be better off to head for California and search for gold!

Solar Event: for the past year I've seen a major solar eruption and CME Earth directed around the middle of the month or on the 13th. Although the sun has been strangely quiet, I see that after the magnetic poles shift on the sun, will create huge explosions There seems to be a pattern with the sun's eruptions which starts around the 6th of 7th of the month with an M-Class and erupts into an X-Class flare around the 13th of the month. Watch as huge aurora borealis lights will created red skies. We could see a huge CME actually cause a black out in many cities around the world from this event.  These eruptions will also activate earthquakes. Since the sun flipped its magnetic poles at the end of 2013 we are seeing a huge increase in solar eruptions as of Jan. 1, 2014. We could see a huge CME headed for earth soon.
Flip Flop Crazy Weather: If you think the weather was crazy and unpredictable in 2013, wait until 2014. One minute it will be severe cold, snow and the next minute warm winds and melting. Weather flip-flops will be the norm. Violent winds will increase and stronger tornadoes across the Midwest and in areas that usually don't get tornadoes. We could see a large hurricane in August or September that will hit the East coast again. Watch for floods worldwide--torrential rains and mud slides. In other areas there will be drought and wild fires again throughout the West again. We are currently seeing temperatures plunging from Canada to the East Coast. In some parts of Canada the temperature is 45 degrees below zero as of Jan. 2, 2014. We continue to see catastrophic weather in 2014.
The Sky is Falling: more asteroids and meteors seen in Earth's vicinity. Large meteors lighting up the night sky and also daylight meteors seen. How will NASA explain this increase? First near Earth asteroid reported Jan. 2, 2014. Strange booms and shaking have been reported as well as meteor seen worldwide. Argentina experienced strange boom and shaking which might have been a meteor on Feb 18, 2014. A meteorite crashed down in Managua, Nicaragua, late Saturday night, September 6, 2014,causing a loud explosion and leaving a crater 39 feet (12 meters) across, government officials said, according to The Associated Press. No damage or injuries were reported

Continued Unexplained Booms: booms, shaking not related to earthquakes,flashes in the sky and sink holes forming will continue in the 2014 news--more so than 2013. This phenomenon will increase as we go into 2014. Also watch for more train disasters, bridge disasters and sink holes swallowing homes, cars and people in some cases. Four sink holes have appeared in Siberia since mid July 2014. I believe its from methane gas exploding deep within the permafrost of SiberiaRead more here.

Pope: Pope Francis will stun the world with a revelation that will upset the Catholic faithful. I've felt he may not be the magnanimous leader he portrays to the masses. Beware of deceptive pontiff! In Revelations it talks about the Four Horsemen and the first horse is white--the antichrist. He will deceive the world into following him because he portrays himself as righteous and good. Remember Pope Francis is a Jesuit and tied to the number 13 throughout his life (information contained in my new book, Mystic Revelations of Thirteen: The Key to Earth's Destiny available on Amazon) and should be known as Pope 13. Thirteen is a power number both negative and positive, however the Illuminati use the number in dark occult ways. I truly pray Pope Francis is the humble pontiff the world wants and not another agent of darkness. Remember our leaders aren't the warm, wonderful people they appear to be--we are deceived by their false image. The eyes are the windows of the soul and if you study their eyes you will see only a dark void. Through generations of programming the Family of Dark lost their compassion and emotion.  
Our Rights: we'll see our Constitutional Rights continue to disappear with laws secretly passed. Dark agendas afoot for the masses, but we can thwart their dark plans if we unite en masse for a common good.
Home Loans: Those in the residential mortgage business will find its harder and harder to get homes loans closed with new laws going into effect the first of the year. Mortgage companies will someday go the way of the dinosaur. Banks will control all loans again. (read what President Thomas Jefferson said about banks--he was a visionary).
Italy's Mount Etna will see a huge eruption and Rome will experience a massive earthquake. I see buildings collapsing in Rome from this powerful earthquake..
Egypt will see a religious war (Christian Copts and the Islamists).  I see much bloodshed and explosions in Egypt.
Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity: Large earthquake hits northern Japan near Fukushima. This could worsen an already dire situation with the nuclear plant there. Watch for Mt. Etna in Italy and many volcanoes to suddenly erupt. Watch as Oklahoma continues with small earthquakes, some increasing to 5.0. This is from the continued oil fracking throughout the region. 
Economy: remember Congress still hasn't resolved anything with the staggering U.S. debt. Again, we will see them divided which will lead to a fall in the stock market by the late January 2014 or 2015. The Elite have a plan to destroy the dollar and introduce a new currency. This will take place in the next two to three years. We could see the government taking steps like the Greek government--freezing bank accounts. Early in 2013, Congress averted a plunge off the "fiscal cliff", and extended emergency unemployment benefits and mortgage debt forgiveness, but unemployment benefits have now ended for millions. Also, many Federal workers were laid-off and still unemployed. (Note: the bank mortgage officers are exempt from testing and nationwide licensing). The banks want total control of our lives. It's going to be rough times, I'm afraid, for millions of people. The middle class of America will become extinct.  
    • The Rich get Richer: a further division will be seen between the haves and have-nots, as the middle class disappears.. College students will find it harder to get good paying jobs and pay for large government loans.The shift will continue to have college students moving back with their parents in order to survive.

             2013 Predictions Originally posted December 13, 2012 

          2013 YEAR OF REVELATIONS

  • Beloved South African leader dies late Dec. 2012 or around Dec. 2013 (Nelson Mandela). Nelson Mandela died Thursday, December 5, 2013 at age 95. 
  • More strange booms and shaking as well as sinkholes forming worldwide. This is being reported throughout the United States as of July 2013.
  • Expect meteors to become an almost daily occurrence as Planet X swings through our solar system bringing its space debris along with it. Also, large asteroids will be seen coming close to earth--some may actually hit us!  We've had two asteroids fly by earth already and many large meteors hitting our atmosphere. I've been told by celestial beings that they have averted these large objects from hitting earth. Worldwide people are sighting large meteors.
  • The negative planners on our planet have an interesting way of getting rid of people. They simply lower the MHz (vibrational rate) of someone they would like to eliminate through their recently devised evil methods. A slow way is through allopathic medicine (a misnomer), chemical prescriptions, toxic foods, canned and fast foods, fluoride, alcohol, recreational drugs, radiation from TV, computers, cell phones and other electronic devices. Remember everything has a vibration. Our meat--chicken, lamb, pork and beef--those animals slaughtered without compassion are full of the fear hormone that was released before they were killed.  The normal MHz or normal vibratory rate for the human body is between 62 and 68 MHZ.  The brain functions optimally between 72 and 90 MHz. When your vibratory rate drops to 25 MHz death begins. 
  • The EVENT is coming and more and more anomalies are going to take place worldwide--booms, flashes of light from the rocks deep within the earth grinding and creating a piezo-electric phenomena, shaking not associated with earthquakes, sink holes forming globally, and strange sightings in the sky with the moon and stars. Mother Earth's core is shifting.  *Note: I predicted these things last year 2012).  I'm sensing Indonesia will have a mega earthquake this year.
  • Neptune Returned on Feb. 4, 2012.The mystical planet Neptune made a-once-in 165-year entry into Pisces last year, and will remain in Pisces for fourteen years. Neptune in Pisces will herald a more spiritual world and find people seeking truth and justice. Neptune will stress ecological changes and learning from the suffering of others, uprisings for democracy, the importance of our seas and waters, more creativity in the arts, and a renewed interest in spiritualism and the mind, body, spirit connection. Neptune is the ruler of the seas and I see more events around water--ocean disasters tsunamis, oil spills, boating accidents.
  • The leaders of the world aren't the smiling, baby-holding people they portray. In fact, they are wolves in sheep clothing with agenda. Thirteen is the number of the Illuminati and they have big plans for us in 2013--more chaos and more of our rights being taken away--watch as strange things happen worldwide, i.e. weather, flu, shootings, gun laws. The stories you hear is all smoke and mirrors--lies upon lies to confuse and control you.  Wake up!  We are being mind-controlled!!!
  • More of our constitutional rights and freedom of speech and religion will be taken from us as the year progresses.
  • Powerful earthquakes (7.0 or greater) hit Indonesia, So. California, Peru and South Seas area. Look for more strange earthquakes throughout the U.S. (On Wed. Feb. 6, 2013 a magnitude 8.0 earthquake shook the Solomon Islands between Indonesia and Australia and more powerful earthquakes continue worldwide. The Giants awaken as we experience major earthquakes this year. Please be careful if you live on coastal areas.
  • Catholic Church - Another major scandal with the Catholic Church involving more sex abuse with children. A strange revelation will be issued from someone on the inside about the Fatima prophecies about the children’s vision of an apocalypse. Read about scandal in the Vatican's bank here.
  • A startling revelation on  9-11 comes from someone with inside information on the attack. People will be horrified by the news! 3-8-13 In a documentary soon to appear on Showtime, “The World According to Dick Cheney,” [Cheney said] “I got on the telephone with the president, who was in Florida, and told him not to be at one location where we could both be taken out.” Read more.
  • Cosmic solar eventI've been predicting a major event on the 13th day of the month--perhaps on October 13, 2013 or later...but I sense it will on or near the 13th day of the month. The three children of Fatima, Portugal were given a message of future events by a celestial lady starting on May 13, 1917, for each consecutive 13th day of the month until October 13, 1917, the biggest miracle was given to the children and 70,000 people who witnessed the sun fall from the sky. Remember, on May 13, 2013, this year, FOUR X-CLASS flares fired off from the sun on the same day and month the Lady appeared to the children. Again, July 8, 2013 - it appeared the sun is going to fire off more X-Class flares. Will it be on July 13? These predictions are all in my new book, Mystic Revelations of Thirteen - The Key to Earth's Destiny now on Amazon.  I sense the power grid will  go down in Northern Hemisphere and I feel this will set off a chain reaction of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis worldwide. Be prepared--stock up on clothing and emergency supplies!!!
  • Indonesian’s mega earthquake causes tsunami around the world and triggers earthquakes and volcanic activity worldwide. 
  • Syria - I see Assad unleashing sarin gas on his people and many deaths.  This events could bring us closer to World War III.  Watch Iran move in to help Assad.  Egypt’s new President Mohamed Morsi will fall. I correctly predicted this one - July 2013, President Mohamed Morsi was overthrown and now under house arrest by the Egyptian military. Civil war still looms for Egypt.
  • Fires and extreme drought worldwide dominate the summer of 2013 like last year. Happened as predicted.
  • I have always sensed that the drowning death of film actress Natalie Wood on Nov. 29, 1981 wasn't an accident and there was a fight the caused her death. I envisioned that she and Robert Wagner, her husband, had been drinking with actor Christopher Walken the night on board Wagner's boat. A fight ensued and Natalie slipped and hit her head and went overboard. Now, Jan. 15, 2013 it has now been revealed that Natalie had many bruises on her before her death and investigators now think it wasn't an accidental drowning. Only two people know the truth--Wagner and Walken. Will they reveal the truth this year?    
  • President John F. Kennedy's assassination was a conspiracy planned by many. In the next few years further investigation will prove Oswald was only a patsy in the massive cover-up and he'll be vindicated as the lone gunman. Watch for this news in 2013 with new evidence is presented to the world of Oswald's innocence. Also, more on Robert Kennedy's death, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Marilyn Monroe's suicide will be reveal new information that they were murdered and part of a conspiracy.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. released this statement Jan. 12, 2013 that he believes that others were involved with his uncle, President John F. Kennedy's assassination on Nov. 22, 1963. Read more here.
  • More UFOs, strange cloud formations and unexplained spirals will be seen throughout the world signaling a warning for 2013 events. I also see more meteorites and asteroids coming into our solar system--and earth atmosphere this year along with the two major comets predicted by NASA this year. Comet Ison will be brighter than the moon this Nov.-Dec. and the other comet could be just as bright for March-April 2013. 
  • Unprecedented weather continues worldwide. Weather extremes all over the world--some areas will experience drought, flooding rains and hurricane winds. It will seem as if the seasons are all mixed up. Winter 2013 will be one of the strangest on record.
  • Sinkholes continue to form throughout the world. Strange noises continue from the earth’s core as our earth moves and shifts. People will complain of unpleasant smells  permeating coastal areas baffling authorities caused by methane gas being released deep within the earth's core. Our planet is going to shift and shift in a big way.  March 2013 - sinkhole opened near Tampa, FL and swallowed man, and 3-12-13 sinkhole opened on Illinois golf course and swallowed man. Read more 
  • Corruption and scandals continue with banks and financial institutions. Economy and jobs continues to sputter although gas prices fall briefly until early spring, and then rises again due to events in the Mideast. Food prices climb—grains and meat.  
  • Perma frost and more methane gas from the ocean is helping increase temperatures worldwide. Many of earth creatures, birds and sea creatures, will die mysteriously from methane gas being released from deep within faults around the world. Earthquakes are magnifying this globally as the earth’s core changes. I've discovered that methane gas is turning into formaldehyde, a deadly gas. Methane gas is lighter and is usually located in areas where it turns cooler. Once the oxidation is complete, the gas falls to earth because it is so much heavier,” writes Silverthorne. According to an investigation conducted by researcher Andrea Silverthorne, “Methane gas oxidizes in the atmosphere first to a transitory toxic substance call methanol and then moves to formaldehyde and water vapor. Both are very dangerous gases, because formaldehyde is toxic, and water vapor traps heat.”  The question is why are we being told about this?
  • NASA makes stunning statement about Mars - March 2013. Feb. 2013 - NASA discovered what looks like a metal-robot finger on Mars. More revelations forthcoming from NASA's Curiosity Rover.
  • Digging, digging is everywhere. The U.S. is digging huge underground facilities in inhospitable regions difficult for the masses to reach. This is happening in the Ozarks, under the Denver Airport and Midwest, but why? They are getting ready for a solar event, shift of the earth's poles, nuclear war or a civil war in this country?
  • CERN on the Swiss/France border will announce in 2013 that time travel is possible and will be used in the next 10 years! CERN will announce on the France/Swiss border that they have proven time travel. Although they will announce this publicly, time travel and teleportation has been used for the last forty years or more. Time Travel was being experimented with during World War II with the Philadelphia Experiment. This information can be found in my new book, Angels, Aliens and Prophecy II: The Angel-Alien Agenda.